Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Today is... craft day.

The first Wednesday of the month...(and yes, it is the 1st of July!!), and a gathering of ladies claim the village hall for craft and lunch. We're an eclectic bunch...there are quilters and patchworkers...water colourists, card makers...embroiderers of varying styles, knitters...and other stitchers and makers. You take what you're up to at that moment...get a perfect lunch...again from the ladies. Homemade puddings for "afters" too. But, mainly we put the world to all gatherings do, and guys don't tell me you don't, because I know you do!!

This group have been meeting for about ten years, it was originally arranged by our local WI...ahem, when I was president...and it was decided to hold a few craft days to make things for our local fete...(which is very good, and if you want to come, just ask)...ten years later, things are still made for the craft stall, but amongst everything else...and although we've lost a few members, and I for one, have gone and returned, and new faces have arrived...they still gather and make...and have fun.

We did it again yesterday...we beat the Aussies!! This time by 55 runs... Sarah Taylor scoring 120, before being run out. England 259 - 6, Australia 205 all out.

The men have something to live up to, starting next week...

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