Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Only we...

...could arrange a short break where they've had the highest rainfall over the last few days!

Hastings had a few drops of rain yesterday, 110mm fell yesterday(that's two months worth)...and where are we off to? A village between Hastings and Rye, only for a couple of nights, then it's a visit to Mum. But, with all the glorious weather we've had...we've chosen this afternoon to disappear. Our seller is in France, so no decision will be forthcoming from her and her viewings of last week, we have a phone if someone does need us, and we certainly do need those hours away.

I've always wanted to visit Great Dixter, it's one place I've never been to. Coming originally from Kent, I've visited most others in the area, but never there...I have the cameras primed. Whether we get to Sissinghurst too, or visit some of the villages and towns, I'm not sure.

Saturday, I'm out with my Mum and sister, there's a lavender farm near Lullingstone/Shoreham in Kent, and we're off to that as it's one of their event weekends. The Hop Shop started as that, a business which sold hop bines for interior design, but now has an award winning farm shop, and lavender farm.

In the world of football, Charltons two...Murray and Chappell, have cancelled their meeting with fans tomorrow evening, and I for one am not surprised. They've been given legal advice that 'at this time it would not be appropriate'. You can imagine that even more speculation abounds amongst fans, and maybe this time with more foundation. Expectation is now high. If we are about to be sold, this could answer the question as to why certain players haven't re-signed contracts yet. We all await an announcement. Of course, the statement continues with Murray saying..."It might sound strange, but I hope fans take this as a positive thing, and of course we will rearrange the event the moment we are able to speak more freely.". Does this mean we're being sold, or being invested in with an injection of funds, with Murray et al continuing in place.

Today is the first day of the Ashes, when England play Cardiff!! Usually the first Test is at Lords, but without Old Trafford hosting a match, the powers that be decided to go abroad... It's as strange as a stage of the Tour de France coming to England, but...ce la vie!


BeadyPool said...

Have a lovely few days away. I would love to visit a hop farm one day. My father in law used to go hop picking every summer - whole family would move to Kent from Essex for weeks at a time. Bet the lavender smells lovely - what a sight.

vicki archer said...

Enjoy yourself and good luck with the weather...xv

Suze said...

Thanks very much...we did have fun and were lucky with the weather.

I have too many photos to show all, but will post some when I've sorted them all.

I've taken a long view photo of the lavender fields...I'll make sure that one does get posted. Kent used to be invaded with families coming to pick hops...and you're right, they used to stay several weeks. (not that I can remember that!!) My Mum and Dad used to cycle down through the Weald and Downs, where the fields are.

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