Tuesday, 25 January 2011

How strangely...

...my interim banner has suddenly become clear, without me doing a thing!

At the weekend we finished taking all the old, smelly units out of the old kitchen, discovered a wall which hadn't been plastered, and had just cement on it, which isn't good for something that's four hundred years old. Decisions need to be made about that now. We also started to take another of our newer stud walls down, which will open up the old kitchen to the door at the bottom of the stairs, then close up a second door and give us a longer wall for our bookshelves. We also need to find someone who can repair our diamond leaded light window. One of those plastic window fans needs to come out and the hole made good...so if you know one...we contacted one specialist, but they wanted to make a whole new panel. I feel a call to SPAB coming on!

And...my team has made their first permanent signing of this transfer window. BWP (Bradley Wright-Phillips) has moved east from west. Being a Lewisham lad he's not far from home!

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