Friday, 14 January 2011

I am sitting... waiting for the next T20 international to start, watching the sports news in the meantime, and as always Sky give a review of the newspapers...and this report came along.

"Sir" Chris Powell met with Charlton owners and they were so impressed with his enthusiasm, qualities and vision for the club they offered him the job on the spot. Also reported, was the fact he turned down an offer from Newcastle six days ago, to go north as Pardew's number two. Resigned from Leicester, with Sven telling Chris that if it doesn't work at Charlton, his job at Leicester will be there.

Some say it's idiocy to give him the job, but he's loved and respected by the fans, he knows the club, he has authority within the sport as he was the players representative, he has his coaching badges, he is no mug...and I'm pretty sure he'll not suffer any fools or slackness, and will work the players giving them the backbone they've been lacking recently. If, this does come to pass as expected, I'm for it. We need to remember, we are a League One team with expectations, we need some serious rebuilding, and now we have a bit of money this is the ideal opportunity for all to be renewed and refreshed. I liked PP, but for whatever reason things seemed to drift, this I feel will be different...but, like I've said before, what do I know, I'm just a fan!!

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