Thursday, 13 January 2011

Now that's...


I found myself a little card reader and can now upload/download my photos. prepared...I am finding my way around the new vision.

I made this heart for my daughter in law's birthday next week. The "hanging" ribbon comes from their wedding cake, and I made a little sachet of Provence lavender for it's centre. I am quite pleased with it.

I speak to my Mum every day, usually at least twice a day, and today she passed a website on. It was noted in her local paper. She professes not to be a football supporter, though always phones after the matches of my team and hers...she used to support West Ham speedway team and her parents were West Ham supporters and went to the 1923 FA cup, she's a WH fan. But, this link is for a Charlton legend, and as we're in a week of posts regarding other Charlton's one that no one can deny.

Bartram, The Blitz and Beyond

You might have seen it already...but, a little history in this sea of futures.

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