Wednesday, 29 April 2009

After gaining...

...promotion last year to the Conference North, the Linnets...Kings Lynn FC are being demoted this season, a hearing has declared. Why? Because they haven't made £250,000 worth of improvements to bring it to the standard required. A quarter of a million to a non-league club, who don't own the ground (the council do), who are just finding their feet in the division. I can see the Council Tax payers going for it too, can't you?! ...has the world of football gone crazy or just it's administrators?

And please don't tell me "rules is rules"...I'm sure every Linnets supporter would have a quick response to that.

Because of this, and their appeal against it, they have put on hold finding a new manager until they know which league they'll be playing in. Their wants? ...a person who knows the non-league world, who will take them forward. Know anyone?

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