Thursday, 2 April 2009

Want to...

...fill in the paperwork? All things have been set in motion, and now we're onto the solicitors forms. If we have to fill the same information on one, we have to on half a dozen...I'm getting writer's cramp.

I've also read the plight of our opposition on Saturday...their holding company (SLH) suspended trading on their shares yesterday, as it prepares to go into administration. So far, this is not the club as they look for a buyer...but, how long that will take...maybe too long. I wish all Saints fans well...there but for the grace... And as we've all said...players come and go, but you the fan, can't change your club...your heart is buried deep in the pitch.

The majority of their debt (approx £23.1m) is owed to Norwich Union in a debt incurred with the move to St Mary's, and with a reluctantly paying Barclays Bank (£4.4m)...they've been paying the players salaries. After all the things said about our directors and financial issues...we owe our directors the majority of our debt...the only outside one being on a long term arrangement...our situation might be the worst we've seen for a long time, but we're not that close to the edge, thanks to them...yet!

The game on Saturday, if hadn't already had enough incentive, has an added one...survival...a Championship side is more likely to encourage investors than a League One one...and I'm sure all associated with Southampton have that firmly at the forefront of their minds.


BeadyPool said...

Ah the joys of paper work - at least it is all going forward. Vx

Suze said...

It is so far, V, thank you...and survey on the Norfolk one next week...xx