Friday, 3 April 2009

An away..., yesterday. A trip to Norfolk and a visit to the house, being allowed to wander and hasn't changed. We went to visit the agent there...who I'd been talking to on a near daily basis, just to say "hi....this is us". Also a call from our agent, who'd had a visit from the buyers...were we leaving the Aga and dishwasher? Unless they specifically don't want the's staying...though I'm going to hug it when I leave it behind! I know I'll burn everything for weeks with the electric... A replacement will have to be sought at sometime...I'm sorry, but once an Aga addict, always an addict...

And the other version of my Addicktion...the season ticket prices were announced yesterday. I know we're moving further away, that's our choice...but watching League One football for the same price as I paid for Championship football is a little rich. Because we sit in the Lower North stand, our tickets are the ones that haven't been reduced in price...every other seat for the home supporters what did we do for this honour? Are they trying to move us out? Some supporters have wished for it to become a standing area.... If we wanted to sit there on a match by match basis...we'd be paying through the nose (relatively speaking) for the privilege... Decisions, decisions!!


Anonymous said...

Suze, you may already know this but just in case!
The price of the lower North stand remains high in order to charge away fans, with a broadly similar view of the play, the same entrance fee. Apparently it's the rules!

Suze said...

Yup, thanks Andy...I read that...but, it still doesn't make it easier to swallow, or should that be follow!?

If we decide to renew (and we were), we might switch to upper....I really don't like sitting at the side...and now might be the ideal opportunity.