Tuesday, 28 April 2009


...are go!!

1 - Angel Wings
2 - Cocoa
3 - Denim
4 - High Peaks
5 - Beach Walk

I've also made myself some copper green for a necklace and earrings I hope to get finished for Saturday...the wedding we've been invited to. I have the design floating around in the head, but so far...not in reality.

The surveyor came this morning, and promises me there's nothing to worry about...but, listening to him making notes on his recorder...why are they always so dire with their opinions, but I have to believe...I mean I know our house isn't too bad, you listen to them and think it's going to fall over next week! One comment was...."it's a strange mix!" It's mid Victorian with two extensions...that's what the other surveys have said, but not this one...we have double thickness brick built internal walls, and he thinks they were at sometime all external...that makes the original house twelve foot square! He also thought we had a combi boiler "you don't have any tanks in the loft, do you?"..."ermmm...yes", I'd just told him we had it installed just before the rules changed and it's an ordinary one. We're still waiting for the fixtures and fittings list, and the searches from the local authority in Norfolk...everything else is dealt with, and the results of the two surveys done here...

I also gave myself a present...I bought my sewing machine. I just hope it arrives before the move date!!

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