Friday, 17 April 2009

A week... time.

It's been a bit of a busy week, but yet again not quite as planned. We made a quick visit to Norfolk on Monday morning to check a wayleaves issue, but it's as we thought, and not important...then across country to Coventry. Yes, we did go...and did see some doing the conga...whilst a few Coventry fans tried to get us to raise to the bait of taunting...but, after making fun of ourselves...there's nothing left for them to do, now is there?! And it was all fairly good natured anyway... We were home inside two hours...

We've heard that things with the move are getting along, though why the solicitor had to ask a question when he'd already been advised of the answer...I guess that's what you're paying extra for! Everything for us personally is now in place...we just await for everyone else...

Yesterday I spent the day with my sister, and nephew...he's eighteen tomorrow...Happy Birthday to you! We had a lovely lunch...did some young man shopping, and then some for his Mum...I was sooo good...and didn't succumb, but have several items stored away in the memory banks for after the move. It was also my wedding anniversay...and I won't say who forgot! Just I hadn' love someone everyday, not just on that one, now don't you!?

So, tomorrow is Blackpool at home...nope, not the beach in the back garden, but the next match...we will probably be relegated, not because we WILL lose, but other results will make it final. I am not going to voice my opinions...I have them, and they differ to others...but, why inflict them on you!

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