Thursday, 23 April 2009

And there is... very upset administrator.

It seems the Football League have decided the finances of Southampton FC and Southampton Leisure Holding plc are "inextricably linked", and though it's the holding company that's been put into administration, the debts are from the club and other companies...the holding company doesn't have any of its own finances. I wondered how they were going to explain a bank paying the players salaries. They are looking to challenge and will/could appeal.
And are in "due diligence" with two parties...

It means that Charlton at this moment are not bottom (in theory, as the deduction will be made at the end of the season) of the Championship, as a ten point deduction has been made against Southampton...but, if Southampton are relegated anyway, the deduction will be put against next season in League will start ten points below all others. Their remaining games are against Burnley and Forest...ours, Derby and Norwich...that last day could prove fun!

Whatever happens, we've been relegated on cause...we didn't have the affect!


PG said...

Hi Su! So, you are football instead of cricket...your new house sounds interesting, four hundred years old! (Makes our cottage sound like a baby at 245).

Suze said...

Thank you for visiting. :)
Oh, I come from Kent and went to the same school as Alan Knott...but not at the same time! So I can't not like cricket and am glued to the radio during the tests and ODI...have been to Chelmsford to watch Essex...against Kent though!
But, yes...mostly a football fan. I blame my Dad for that as without sons he took me to our local club and there I've been stuck ever since.
Thank you...I hope it'll be our new one soon...and yours is a grand old lady compared to our present one, she comes in at very much the baby.