Saturday, 23 May 2009

Be warned...

...if you live in a rural idyll...

Or even if it's not such an idyll.

Do you have land you cross to get to yours? Who owns it? Is it shared...or parish...or common!

All these have differing problems with them. Firstly it has to be discovered who owns what...parish land, you can take out an indemnity insurance...if it's common land, then you need proof of access, plus a bespoke insurance. The insurance company could ask (and usually do) of proof of access for at least twenty years, if it can't be shown...then you could have problems... Luckily we can...oh, yes...what we were told was parish (the then parish council chairman), isn't, it's common land You can find out by enquiring at your county council, they will charge you and send you a map of your house and very local area... If you're moving your solicitor should do this, if there's a chance you falling foul of the laws.

What other pitfalls?

Is that house near a church? Then a Chancel search should be done...the village or area might be tithed...and a different insurance can be acquired to cover any costs from the church. Being an agnostic or atheist is no defence.

Is it a conservation area? Be careful to make sure that all permissions were granted for any lopping or cutting of trees or demolishing of hedges, and though maybe that house isn't listed, it should be maintained (externally) in keeping with the area...

And you thought living in a town or city was exhausting!

Still love that rural idyll? Damned right I do!