Monday, 25 May 2009

Castle Acre...

Last weekend, well the one previously, as it's now bank holiday Monday, we took our grandsons out for the day. We had one thing to do first, and that's visit a shop in Holt, but other than that...we visited the Christmas shop in Holt for them and bought two hearts and a decorated gingerbread-styled star for their Mum. It's open all year, and is worth the visit if you're heading that way.

After that we stopped in the "Best Farm Shop in Norfolk"...Back to the Garden and had some lunch, picked up some cheese and pasties..all good! Bought some asparagus and strawberries from a farm, and showed the boys the front of the house we're trying to buy...we got their approval. Then off to Castle Acre...

Photographs of Castle Acre Priory

The first photo shows a model of how it was in it's heyday, and the second shows the majority of what's left...after Henry VIII got to it. It's an English Heritage property, along with the castle. If you want to visit the priory, unless you're a member of English Heritage, there is a charge, but the ruins of the castle (not so well preserved) are free to roam around.

The village has two tea shops and two pubs...and at present it's Open Studio time in Norfolk.

Luckily the boys wore themselves out! And I know where I can take them to play when we move, it'll only be ten minutes away...and the beach is twenty minutes in the other direction!


BeadyPool said...

What a gorgeous place. Glad you had a lovely day.

Suze said...

Thank you...we did. It's always fun to take the boys somewhere...and our eldest grandson is at that age when he wants to know about the places too, the youngest, he still likes to run and use the walls as cover.
It's definitely worth a visit if you're near Norfolk at any time.