Saturday, 23 May 2009

Today's the...!

If you're a Gillingham or Shrewsbury fan, you know what I'm talking about... It's the last weekend of the football "season", with only the Champions League and FA Cup finals to come. Of course, then there's all the special tournaments, and pre-season matches before next season starts in just over two months... Not to mention all the rumours, speculation, sackings, hirings and transfers from now until September...

Anyway, back to today, when the Gills meet the Shrews. This seasons head to head meetings don't bode well for Gillingham, losing 7-0 away on the 13 September, and drawing 2-2 at home on the 14 March, but this is a special game, a one off...their cup final, and we all know what can happen with those...oh, sweet memories! Going back...instead of playing against each other in front of an average crowd of about 5800...they'll have a crowd of below capacity, but considerably more than they're used to. By the by...if you want to attend, tickets for the Shrewsbury end are on sale at Wembley before the game, or that's what Shrewsbury's official website is saying. It's a case of who'll settle quickest, and deal with the occasion and expectation...

As a neutral I hope for a good someone who lived near Gillingham and walked past Priestfields to work, then I hope they win...and as someone whose non-footballing sister is going and wearing blue...I hope they win...ermmm...well...and Josh Wright gets at least one goal...he deserves it. There...I've pinned my colours to the mast!

And this message could self destruct at the end of the afternoon!!

Then all eyes turn to Millwall v Scunthorpe...and who goes there!

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