Tuesday, 31 March 2009

I'm sorry...

...for the dearth of new beads over the last few weeks. Between waiting for the phone to ring, jumping when it does, and not being able to concentrate on anything remotely like work, there has been a distinct lack of new items.

In this time I have had an order....which I've now completed, and the last of that is waiting to be cleaned and threaded. So hopefully Friday should see me happily back on the torch making items for my shop.

Saturday...rather than disappearing down the M3 to Southampton to watch my team, I'll be going north to Norfolk with my daughter in law, her Mum and my younger son's partner, to have a day away from all things football related...we're doing the girlie shopping bit! So if you're in the vicinity of Swaffham, Fakenham...and King's Lynn, beware of a red mini with four women in it....I'm the devil behind a wheel!

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