Tuesday, 16 December 2008


...and all that!

I've been tracing mine and my husband's family trees over the last few months, and I've established true lines going back to 1750ish...with hints going back a further three hundred years, but that all needs to be verified.

Today I made a discovery which was quite a coincidence. We've been hoping to move to Norfolk, and though we've nearly decided to stay put for the time, we did find a house in Alby, near Aylsham (sold now), and looked at ones in Beetley...and near Fakenham. In the family tree, I knew my great-grandfather came from Norwich, Norfolk and was a carpenter...today, I found his father and sisters...and between them they were born in Beetley, Stibbard, near Fakenham, and Alby. That seems spooky to me! Part of my husband's mother's family we've discovered came from Norwich too, of which she had no knowledge!

Seems the draw of "home" was calling for both of us!


Allegra Smith said...

All things old are new again, or so it seems. I had something similar happen to me in Spain. Although the main branch of my mother's family came from Scotland, a minor branch settled in the Basque area of Spain; I didn't know much about it, as all this happened way back in the 1500s. Move forward to the 1960s and I am at the University of Salamanca in Spain. I got a real urge to visit both Bilbao and Santander. No reason, no rhyme, particularly because I was also studying in France and my time was limited to say the least.

Yet, to those places I had to go. Nothing that I could understand then or now. When I got there it was as if I had been there before.
I knew which old roads to take to go to the old parts of town, which church, which convent, where everything was. I told my husband years later than I am convinced we carry with us memories in our DNA.
How else to explain it? Have fun looking at the ancestors. I always hoped to find a black sheep but I guess in my family they hid them well. Nice but boring. Ah to have a pirate, or a Robin Hood up there somewhere LOL.

Your jewelry is lovely, and I truly like the stories about your team. Now for the parting smile, wouldn't you know that the word verification tag is "Ingly"? Who thinks of these things? Have a good Christmas and a better Boxing Day.

Suze said...

Thank you for your comment, it is lovely to read, and I agree with you I think that some form of our ancesters lives are within us, not reincarnation, but possibly within our DNA... It's uncanny how we are drawn to places of which we have no connection, but in searching we find our families did.

This family name by and by...is Smith!

My team...ahhh...that is to exorcise the demons! ;)