Saturday, 13 December 2008

It's cold...'s wet and it's 4am. Woken by my shoulder pain, the clock said 2:59am, so I came downstairs, found the painkillers and am typing with my right hand.

I've read my football teams website, and our interim manager is staying through the "Festive Season". I'm not sure he feels very festive, if he knows that'll be it! But, it gives him some time to try to raise the team by the boot-straps....for they certainly need something inspirational. Maybe a few supporters in the dressing room would help....and I've just realised the cricket has started again...(please wait whilst I tune in!) peace has come to the world.

I read through some of the blogs I follow, and some I dip's always fun and interesting to read what others are up to, where crafters are showing, and how this world of artisans knows no borders. I'd love to get to a fair in Brooklyn tomorrow, and find a flea market in Los Angeles...view a painting exhibition at a car show room in the Netherlands. I might get to that craft sale I spoke about a couple of weeks ago. It's the last weekend of the craft, though the Christmas shop is open for the rest of the period.

We brought home our tree yesterday. We always have a real one, and now it's waiting to be decorated in the sitting room, and as I can't touch it, it'll have to wait until tomorrow...unless my husband's home early today. I also want to take down a unit in there, move the sofa over, and a cabinet my paternal grandfather made. I'm not sure if it's because things have been "on hold", while we were trying to sell, but I've become restless about homemaking, and now it's been decided life must go the furniture moves, at least! And when the rain stops, and the sweep has been (we've had a rook family living in one chimney), I'll collect some ivy and holly from the garden, and make my other decorations...I use it to decorate the stairs, tables and front door.

And now I need a cuppa...

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