Wednesday, 31 December 2008

And as the...

...year draws to its close.

Firstly, I wish everyone the happiest of 2009's...may it be a good one for you. Also, enjoy whatever time it arrives! ;)

Sitting this afternoon in our sitting room, watching the cold descend over the garden once more, I could see chaffinch, great tit, blue tit...numerous sparrows all squabbling over the seed put at the top of an old pole, which in summer has a single yellow rose growing round it. At the base a beautiful jay pecked away, alert for any disturbance...which suddenly there must have been as they all disappeared in various directions. Left perched right at the top is one of the robins who haunt my garden. A dominant little character...afraid of very little...his very red waistcoat shining bright through the shimmering frost.

Back to the subject which has dominated my blog over the last days and weeks. We have, or our Board has...made their choice, and it's a continuation of the same. We have kept PP...he is now our permanent manager...I wonder if that new found assurance is going to gain us more than the three points it already has! I have severe doubts about it. Notts Forest seem to have made their choice as well, someone who our fans had suggested could do well for us, but...decisions are made, and we now have to support the players, and they have to show us they are worth supporting, and wearing the shirt! It also seems that one of our "on loan" players has returned. He is quoted as saying he wanted to make the loan permanent, but the manager of Ipswich has now said, we didn't see his best. Unfortunately, that's what happened with us. Ce la vie!

I didn't get around to saying, I made my youngest son's partner a necklace for Christmas, it was a last minute make...and very simple. I know she likes bronzes, coppers and turquoise, so that's what was made. A ring of turquoise gem beads wrapped with antiqued copper wire, and then threaded on two strands of bronze seed beads, and a copper heart clasp. I was pleased with the result...simple, but just right.

I also was featured in an Etsy of my focals, Distant Sun...sadly I missed it, but a big thank you to azuredandelion, it's an honour to feature.

Oh, and those tiles...we've decided to go with them. Cream brick style, and a yellow green paint, in two shades...makes a change from Macdonald blue, and cream...

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