Tuesday, 16 December 2008


....I've got to start with the love of my life...my football team! ;)

We were being televised last night (I was there live), and we drew...okay...we drew, but in such a way...the referee found four additional minutes, and Derby scored four minutes and five seconds into that, but we played like a new team, not the best team in the league, but vastly putting our previous performances to shame...and if we continue that way, we'll get ourselves out of the trouble we put ourselves in. We've extended Martyn Waghorn's loan period by a month, he's on emergency loan at present, and Sunderland can call him back with immediate effect, but hopefully we can sign him to a normal loan in January, then we can keep him until the end of the season....he's a very talented eighteen year old, with a huge potential.

I get very disappointed reading some of those who would think they have more knowledge than me...blimey, are they depressing! I want to bang my head against a wall with some of their comments. Some are brilliant though...

Christmas has finally come to our house...one chimney was swept today, and a ton of birds nest was removed...we still have one blocked by Jackdaws nesting, but we've got to remove a stove before we can have that swept. After that, and clearing the dust...the trees were finished...just one more to go, and other little bits are beginning to make the festive feel.

Okay Christmas...now you can arrive...I'm prepared!! ;)

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