Saturday, 27 December 2008

And the gods...


Well, that's one excuse. Having got to south east London in nearly record time, even though the roads were busy, and the sales had started. Even the M&S sale started at 6:00 this morning!! A hot sausage and a cup of chocolate later, we along with a good sized crowd watched a lack lustre first half, which again saw us concede a goal, and I thought that inciting the crowd was bookable, but obviously not in this particular referees eyes. The scorer (an ex-Charlton loanee)...waving his fist and smiling at the home stands, did nothing to endear him to the home fans.

I'm not sure what was said at half-time, and made a joke with the guy who sits in front of me that they'd been threatened with Paul Ince, but it worked and in the second half they had different heads on, and certainly different feet! But, again we managed only to draw, and the sigh that went up when four added minutes was shown could feel what that meant, and we were nearly punished...luckily this time the linesman flagged for a foul as the ball hit the back of the net for a fifth time, and the third away goal was disallowed. Some justice, as we'd had three penalty appeals for handball ruled out...and they were handballs ref! Our manager was sent off...or in their cases, sent to the stands...two rows behind the what happens at Sheffield United with him?

We came away a happier set of supporters at the showing, but with Doncaster beating Notts Forest later yesterday....we have sunk to the bottom again! Notts Forest now join us in the search for a new manager...they sacked theirs after his post match interview. I also think it was PP's last managerial foray at home for us...he stayed on the pitch after the final whistle, and told ALL the players to go to the three sides of home supporters and thank us...that to me is the act of a man that knows his tenure is finished.

On other things...we're still all coughing well, and the family is coming today...but they're coughing too, so not much harm done.

Enjoy your weekends, and if you're saling...enjoy the crowds. I'm told it's a busy one!!

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