Friday, 12 December 2008

Sitting looking...

...out my window, at a thick frost spreading out across the fields and hedgerows (I was going to insert a photo here, but my camera has just run out of power), listening to the cricket from India. It's a beautiful morning.

Yesterday I went to my youngest grandson's Christmas play; he was a reindeer. It was about the Faerie Clock Mother helping Mum get ready for Christmas, and they were brilliant. The children are five, six, with a few sevens...infant school age. Those that had narrative, remembered every word, all the dancers knew their steps, and everyone had fun. I miss getting involved with the school things, being a class room assistant, and my sons school librarian, it was always busy.

Today our eldest grandson is off to see Peter Pan in Milton Keynes and the youngest goes Monday. Oh, to have that magic of Christmas again...the innocence of the time. I can remember when I was about five or six, hearing jingled bells outside our window, and my parents convinced me that was Father Christmas' sleigh, and running upstairs to find my pillow full of presents. It was my uncle who lived next door really...but, at that was definitely the sleigh bells. I do love my Christmasses, but they're different now.

Back to my team. It is reported the interim manager has been told he won't get the job permanently, not after the performances of the team, especially the last one on Tuesday, so now all fans are waiting to see who will...and the chatter, rumours and wants go on. It's also reported that one of our ex-managers has told his last club he wants £3m as a pay off. Nice credit crunch if you can get it!

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