Friday, 26 December 2008

It's still...

...dark, and I can hear the coughs echoing from upstairs, and we all have been poorly over the holiday, so far. We have had a good time even so...good company, nice food...and a semi-relaxing time.

Today it's football time, with my husband and I off to my teams home game against QPR, whose new(ish) owners have a bit of cash in their pockets...a relatively (now) new manager (and how we would like one of those!), are gradually accumulating points. Our decline in some eyes is terminal, at least as far as the Championship is concerned, and we will be in League One come next August. We still have time to recover that situation, but we need to fight, and a manager who can make the players (in whatever managerial style he wants) do that.

About this time two years ago, I had a disagreement with a young lady on a forum, or rather she did with me. I had posted something about our situation and the departure of Dowie and Reed, to which she disagreed. Her post all in capitals, telling me I should get back to where I came from, and the fact I had been supporting Charlton for forty odd years was irrelevant...and that she travelled three hours to see her team, that we only deserved to be in the Premiership, looks a bit flat now...I did write a long response pointing out I don't live around the corner to the ground, and travel two hours (usually) to get there, and we had no given right to Premiership status, that in the forty odd years I had seen it and been there before, and then I deleted it...I can't be doing with arguing, life's too short! I do wonder if she still goes to matches though, and whether she'll be there this lunchtime, and will she go next season, if the worst happens.

We have no right to be in any league, we have to play for that right, and at present...we aren't!

PS...Merry Christmas! ;)

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