Monday, 29 December 2008

Oh, my...

...reading some of the fans blogs, those righteous supporters who think they know's depressing! ;)

We are bottom of the league, and yesterday made things worse. Our nearest (in points) rivals both won. They scrapped and fought and came away with points....we lost! We did score the first goal and did go in at half-time in the lead...and from my reading deservedly so, but we let it all fall to pieces in the second half. It was no more than I expected, which is not nice...and I don't like being that negative, but in's true.

So this morning, after hearing on the radio of another manager's demise (his choice). As Paul Jewell left Derby County, we now have a decision to make, or rather our board does. Will they continue with PP, or make the break this week and place a new broom in control? I do agree with one or two blogs...we plan for the worst, and cheer for the best...and if the players respond, then we should escape...but, it will need everyone to be looking in the same direction, it will need some brutal personal honesty on all parts. Players...are they truly giving their all for the shirt? make the decision regardless of anyone else, and no sentimentality. enlighten those of us who go week in, week out...and not just the select few...I find that grates more and more. support the new manager and HIS team in the matches to come...come hell or high water!!

What concerns me about the days before the many of our players will be thinking of leaving, will be feeling left out of games and even the squad, and will be looking to move on...they are men who have to make a living at their chosen profession, and have pride in themselves...and who could think a fresh start somewhere else would be better for them, and before any new manager has time to make that decision for himself, before they're sold or move on. And after reading some "fans" comments...I can understand why they would go! With most of the loans finishing over the next weeks, we have to keep our nucleus of players...however young and inexperienced they are!

And on that note...I have to go and look at some tiles...

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