Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Another beautiful....

...day. The rain is sweeping down across the fields, but at least I haven't got to go out...well, not until later.

I didn't say, but we had more viewers on Sunday. A couple moving out from the East End, wanting to bring their daughters up in the fresh air, and who can blame them. So again, waiting to see...somehow I don't think this couple will be thinking of faerie dust though, it'll be a yes or no....straight answers.

I also got to the Newmarket bead fair Sunday morning. Got the beads I needed and spent far too much on some natural "fingers" of kyanite, crystals and keishi pearls. I did see some old acquaintances...four of them have got together to sell at fairs. I wish them the best...it's hard work, enjoyable, but hard.

One thing I've never tried is beadwork. There was a lady selling Toho kits, and they seemed the easiest way to try it. I'm all for trying something, and then I can say from experience whether it's for me or not. I bought a bracelet and a necklace kit. I'm part way through the bracelet, and the directions are as easy as she said to follow, but, don't go by their timelines, not unless you've done this before...the nylon has a mind of its own, even if steamed, and so thin it's difficult to see, let alone use, but the article is pretty...and a useful project. I have so much admiration for those who design and make the intricate beadwork items...I take my hat off to you!

All my orders passed muster. Always good to hear. Now all I've got to do from that order are the ear-rings to match a necklace already bought, and the reason I had to go to Newmarket. I've got the closest to the Christensen canes I can see, if they're not the same...and will be in the post this afternoon, for inspection.

Oh! and the puds passed the smell test too...I think I'm getting the hang of this being at home lark, bread was made yesterday (the old-fashioned way)!

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