Saturday, 22 November 2008

There's got to be....

...some joy somewhere!?

My team lost again this afternoon. A 2 - 5 drubbing at home...I suppose the good side is it wasn't raining, and the Millwall supporter I'd spoken to earlier couldn't even remember who they were playing!

The consequence of the loss...our manager left the club by "mutual consent". That's the official term...he'd said at his press conference after the game, he wasn't resigning, but did fear for his job. Seems he had reason to. Now where does that leave us in getting a new person in position. There are a couple of names being banded about on the boards already, but we haven't got deep pockets, and it'll be a measure of who will come for nothing, and have nothing to spend...

I think it's going to be a long season...please, someone come and help. I promise to keep doing my bit...turning up, and shouting.

Back on the house front, yes, they did like the house, but we're too remote for them. I guess being only forty miles from London, is a bit remote!

So, jewellery...I made a necklace with some of the works beautifully...and will have matching ear-rings soon. I just have to remember to order some more hooks!

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