Monday, 3 November 2008

A return to normality...

...that is what I think this week is about!

A busy few days, and then a week away...this week is supposed to be normal, but does that ever happen? Of course not!

I have ordered everything I need for orders, so that was my first job of today...and took all morning, I mean, you have to research, don't you!

I'm also going to list a few of my jewellery items on Etsy, see what happens. So far I've just put my beads there.

Then catching up with the blogs from my teams followers, and yes, I went and saw them lose again on Saturday...most are calling for a head to roll, and who can blame anyone for that. It's the lack of passion that hurts the most, or it does me...they can change their team, if someone will have them, but I can't. There is no other team running through my veins.

I do have a viewer on Wednesday...another "wait to see" moment, so we will. I just have to get things ready...which I should be doing now, as my husband decided it would be a good time to sort his wardrobe out...all over the spare bedroom. Don't you just love them!

I also want to know how leaving work to start out on your own equates to being a "lady of leisure"!? Find the time would be nice!! If anyone knows the answer to that...leave it on a card.

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