Sunday, 30 November 2008

A good job...


Friday we cleared the loft out of a collection of rubbish. Of course, all the baby bits were saved, and the things the boys made at school when they were young, but the broken and unused were one good thing done! We can now see around the loft space, and get into there standing up. All I need is the house decorating buds are beginning to itch.

Another good thing, my team didn't lose yesterday, we had a draw, but we didn't lose, and we played as a team, not as eleven elements that hadn't met or seen a football. Their heads didn't drop either, and you could see Weaver felt more confident in his back four, as did they him. Over the last couple of weeks of our previous managers tenure, I think that was what was wrong with Weaver, neither trusted the other, so felt they had to compensate, and it made for more errors than we could take. We played our new loanees, and personally I felt they did well. The Southampton goalie played out of his skin in the first half, and saved his team from what could have been an embarrassing half-time scoreline, and when missed or saved you could see the angry disappointment in their faces, rather than the misery and head dropping loss of hope of the previous weeks. One thing about all the loans this week, I hope Luke Varney who has gone to Derby, finds himself happier there; not everyone likes the south east, or feels comfortable away from friends and family. Just as long as he doesn't find himself against us! That game is televised on Monday, 15 December...but, I'll be there, and recording it for a second...third...or so viewing.

During the week I made some party ear-rings, with more silver and crystals than my normal little drops. Using David Christensen canes, Swarovski crystals and sterling silver, I am pleased with the results, and will photo and show. They are for a fair I'm doing on Friday, and I've already got orders from them.

I'm not sure what today brings, but maybe a visit to Blackthorpe Barns at Rougham...or maybe just some more throwing out.

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