Wednesday, 26 November 2008

I remembered... order the hooks, and hopefully they should be with me today...

Last night I had a whale of a time. I went out with my daughter-in-law and youngest son's partner (doesn't that sound impersonal). Anyway, a girls night out. We went into town (London) and saw Hairspray...oh, if you have the chance and are close enough...GO!!! It's brilliant, and Micheal Ball as the mother...the tears rolled down our cheeks, he and the guy playing his/her husband got the giggles...and we all had foot stomping, clapping and cheering fun. It's what's needed in this mind numbing newsfest we're going through at present.

And my team lost again, though reading the blogs...we played a bit better. Maybe it was a case of they got their new manager a game before we did. We'll see on Saturday, though unless we score about eight goals we can't improve our position, but if we lose, and the teams below us win, we can slip further.

I'm going to take a photo of the necklace today, and I'll show it here keep your eyes peeled. I've also got to get my act together with and then work. The husband doesn't want to starve for my art! ;)

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