Thursday, 27 November 2008


...having a stop for an afternoon cup. I sat looking out through the french doors into our garden, watching the last of the leaves fall, and the birds tipping them up looking for bugs, and scuffling around under the hanging seed box I have out for them. I have a couple of pheasants and a moorhen who are there most of the day. Suddenly something made them take flight, and slowly wandering across my vision was a monkjack deer. He had all the time in the world, but, not enough for me to grab my camera. They're nervous enough and even though I was indoors, my movement would have disturbed him, so I preferred to sit and watch, as he wandered through and fed.

I knew we'd had one around as we found footprints last week, whilst clearing some leaves. I've also seen the squirrels back...the rabbits still abound...and various varieties of birds. Though I've never had the kingfisher back...that was very special and a one off!

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