Friday, 2 January 2009


...never comes. Or that's how the saying goes. I know as sure as eggs is eggs tomorrow will come, and by this time tomorrow we'll know the outcome of the cup game. I'll know when the final whistle goes, as I've got the tickets tucked in my bag, for the game. As a cup game I had to buy them...even as a season ticket holder, but we've decided to try a different perspective of the game and view it from the upper north stand. We also thought there might be more people up there...I doubt if many of those who sit around us in the lower stand will have bothered. And then after tomorrow we have the joys of a week of waiting until the league comes back into swing, and can we beat a newly invigourated Notts Forest with their new manager...who knows. We've already lost three loanees, with Primus and Cranie going back to Portsmouth at the end of their loan period, and Gillespie being recalled by his club Sheffield United, the day before we played them. None of which gives us any money...and the general feeling is we have to sell before we there's a thought! Didn't we do that one or was it just my imagination? Didn't we sell a guy named D Bent, amongst others?

And back to the normal turn of life...Mum returns home tomorrow, being delivered on our way to the game. Life here returns to structured days...and thoughts of designs...well, for a month anyway!

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