Saturday, 7 February 2009

A few days...


Monday came and so did the snow. Being booked to go away with my mother, I put everything in the car, including extra blankets, water, sandwiches and a shovel...I drive a mini. We set off. The longest part of the journey was my normal twenty minute journey to the local town, it took me an hour and a half. I stayed off the motorway (M25 north) and travelled via Hertford, Hatfield, St Albans to Hemel Hempstead, then headed south to the M25...which was clear and only had light traffic on it, along the M4 past Reading and Newbury...I had no problems, just driving carefully. The lanes near the hotel were a little dicy, but no different to those I have at home. As long as you are sensible, and don't do daft things, then you should be safe...unless an idiot comes at you!

I have over a foot of snow all over the garden, and the lane I can see from here is a tad icy, but traffic is moving, just slowly and carefully.

(photo's of hotel to follow)

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