Monday, 23 February 2009

In another... I follow, the writer gives what he calls "The Gellies". He's an avid traveller, and a follower of the same team as me. But, his Gellies awards made me smile, and gave me food for thought.

He gives shower gel ratings to several hotels he's visited during the previous year. From the unspectacular to the wow! Comments as to why, and links are included...

It made me think of the best I've come across, which was a Bed and Breakfast establishment in Kings Lynn Norfolk. The Bank House was wonderful, and I discovered it purely by chance. My husband had gone sailing for a week and we were taking the tentative steps of looking around Norfolk with the view to move. This, was maybe about three years ago. I went to Norfolk for a few days, turned up in Lynn with no accommodation booked. We tend to use the Tourist Information offices...we even did that in the US, and it's never failed us yet. There were a couple, but I preferred to stay in the town, and settled upon The Bank House...I couldn't have done better. It was simply the best...a cliche, but true. So good I took my husband back the following year.

I thought I'd show what I following the link...I've discovered it's changed, whether that's the owner too, I don't know, but it's now Bankhouse Hotel with a chef and all. When I visited it didn't cater for dinner or lunches, and there was no terrace, and the family who ran it lived there, now it has all that, and a drinks licence. It did have the most wonderful rooms (which you can't see on their site now), and lots of shower gel (it says Molton Brown)!

Things move on...but, I think I'd like to try it again...only in the cause of investigation, you understand!

Oh, and for anyone viewing from Canada...Lynn is where Captain Vancouver came from.

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