Tuesday, 17 February 2009

A mistake...

...about the fire! And a drastic one. It was a home which went up in smoke. I thought erroneously that because I could see the engines the fire must be just on the bend near me, but there must have been more down the road around the corner I couldn't see. A large thatched house has only it's lower walls and doors left. Devastating to the family who lovingly renovated it over the last few years, and were living there...they had children, and I've heard they all escaped.

Thatched houses are beautiful to look at, but if they catch fire...(the one next to us did about thirteen or so years ago, struck by a lightning ball), the roof, if the fire brigade can't get the roof off, falls into the house, making it so much worse. Fireman try to hook it off, dragging it away from the fire, and therefore saving the upper storey as much as possible...the house I saw this morning, had no upper storey left...it is a shell. Heartbreaking... I hope they can rebuild and restore it. You wouldn't know that it happened next door now, they rebuilt it in the traditional manner, and it doesn't look any different to the original.

A brighter thing, my eldest son and daughter in law have taken their two sons to France for the day, it being half term here. My grandsons (they're ten and six) have been learning French and wanted to try their skills, so they've gone off on the ferry to Calais. I'm not sure what the French will make of them, but both they and the boys will have fun, of that I have no doubt. My eldest grandson now tells me he wants to learn Mandarin too...a friend at school Mum teaches Mandarin to executives...and I think he wants to gossip with his friend so no one can understand them!

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