Friday, 27 February 2009

A few...

...bits and pieces I've listed on my Etsy Shop over the last week or so... I must leave myself a off!!

Amethyst River

Lime Cherries

White Spacers

Silver Blue

The lime and lipstick red ones were made after I received my journal...I just love those colours.


Suze said...

Hi, I'm Suze. I was just over on Rhondsmum leaving her a comment. After it was posted I was scrolling down and I saw my name, but it was not my comment. I'm like, what's up. Then I realized it was another Suze. It's always nice to see other's with the same spelling as mine. Although everyone wants to say "Suz" when it is actually pronounced like "Suzie". Do you get that? Or I get asked if I wanted to be an actress and if that is my stage name. Yeah...NO! I'm full blooded french and that is the way my family spells it. Anyway, I just wanted to say "Hi Suze" :)

Suze said...

Well, hello Suze... :)

My given name is actually Susan, and Suze is what's developed by people trying to shorten it, that or Su.

I like it though...I think it's a nice name. :)

Suze xxoo

Tartelette said...

I was just looking at your etsy shop and I still can't make up my mind....something blue. Your blues are wonderful!