Sunday, 15 February 2009

Someone must...

...have wished hard. My team won yesterday! And played well. The final score was 2 - 0...and we should have had more, but I'll settle for two. We didn't play so wide with a different midfield formation, but it worked, with our French midfielder Therry Racon being the best, he's unfortunately been out injured most of the season...but, you could see what we've been missing, a superb player, and he scored our first....a wow of a goal. Nicky Bailey also played well, even though he had a penalty in the second half well saved, and hit a shot high, but he came back and scored our second goal. Our front combination of Dickson and Kandol were a handful, full of speed and strength...and caused the Argyle defence no end of issues.

I hope a sense of satisfaction went through the team, after that performance they deserve that few minutes. After the final whistle the team joined the supporters in applauding each other, with Rob Elliott giving us a "Chrissy moment", and although he didn't get on the field, Matt Holland went to every player and shook his hand and gave him one of those man hugs...a player I've always liked, and a man I have total respect for.

Now we have to take that to Oakwell...Barnsley next weekend...a different kettle of fish, but another game we need to win, lets hope they can take yesterdays win forward to back to back wins.

We are still bottom, with a three point gap between us and Southampton. We have played the same number of games and have the same goal difference...they lost yesterday, as did Norwich, which keeps the lower part of the division huddled together...Watford and Barnsley have two games in hand, Norwich have played one more, Notts Forest lost yesterday and have played the same number as us...they're nine points above us in nineteenth position...I think the clubs still in trouble are from 35 points down to us on 25...with Derby being best placed on 35 from 30 games, below them are Argyle with 35 from 32....

We have to keep winning and to concentrate on our games...we have no leaway left.

Also, it seemed strange husband had to go into work in the morning, with the hope of getting to the game, but...nope...I watched on my own. We did have a nice evening though quiet.

The night was interesting too...without opening my eyes I could see flashing lights. I have no idea what time, but it was dark...very dark, and the thought that it was too late for gritters...then sometime later I was woken by a heavy lorry slowly driving eyes flicked open and the clock read 4:19. I have a little window at my eye level which gives a view down the road...and there, I could see three lorries...peering closer, I could see they were fire engines, and could see a spiral of smoke. I haven't gone to check but I think the old barns and workshops caught fire. Luckily no one was in them, they're all closed up. After watching the fireman wandering around for an hour, I must admit I did close my eyes again.

Now I'm going to do some painting...I hope everyone had a lovely St Valentines Day....whatever you did...mine was special.

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