Tuesday, 24 February 2009

I know what...

...I should be doing, I should be making beads, but it's impossible! Even if I could concentrate they'd go wrong, and I'd be picking holes in them after. It's best not to even start!

It's a week since we had the call saying the garden was too small, but our persistent offerers had been in asking again about things. After all the too-ing and fro-ing between us and the agents, both ours and those in Norfolk, they were told the facts, they're not getting it for nowt and this is the present value taking in all the reductions we and Norfolk have made!

I was fine all the time I knew they were away, but they should be back, and I can't see any reason if the answer is a blunt no, why delay in letting everyone know. If it's a yes, or maybe...the same goes. We're the perfect little chain...they're in rented having sold a year ago, we know what we want, where we want isn't being lived in, and what she wants is totally empty...we are all waiting for them. I had the Norfolk agent phone yesterday, hoping...I told him, he'd be the second person I'd phone...after my husband, I promise.

But if all fails and it is a no, our agent came and took some fresh photos, after the decorating we needed to revamp the details...and it's all up on site, and much better for it.

I've even read all the blogs I love today...now I'll discover something else to do...and how many cups of tea can you drink?

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