Tuesday, 17 February 2009

We won...

...and are now into the London Cup semi finals. No, not the mens team, but the women's team. They beat Tower Hamlets 4 - 0 on Sunday at Victoria Park, Hackney.
In the semi's they will either face Kent Magpies or Millwall. A great boost for the women's team.

Our U18's also had a good result when they drew with Arsenal Academy 2 - 2. You only have to look at some of the youngsters we've turned out, and you can see how good our young players are. Trouble is, some think the grass is greener elsewhere!

With the first team...and I know six points doesn't a season make, but...just maybe we might...with a heavy dose of luck...just scrape enough points to stay in the Championship. To do that, we need to win against those around us, and we meet several of those in the closing stages of the season, at home. Hey! I'm trying to be optimistic here...reality can come later!

Anyway, time for the paint brush now!

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