Tuesday, 29 September 2009

The continuing...


A call from our solicitor, confirmed some thoughts. The guy at the top of the chain won't change...which we expected as he'd wanted the move in August, and had been quite verbal about things at the beginning, by all accounts, and...our lady is on holiday, travelling down a canal in France. She's due home later this week...after a fortnight away.

Strange how a fortnight rings a bell somehow!

That leaves us with neither of us agreeing to the delay, and not knowing how she'll react until she gets back.

My team are off to Colchester tonight, and again I won't be going to cheer them on...I'd love to be, but time is slipping by. It's a tough week for them, meeting Leeds(current league leaders) at Elland Road on Saturday...that game will be tense. Tonight I'll be watching the England v New Zealand cricket match...see if we can make it four in a row, with the Charlton commentary hooked into the ear-phones!

Yesterday I had a wonderful time...wandering around the V and A...one of my favourite museums, in and out all the fashions, and remembering some of them! Standing in awe at the delicacy and intense colour of the needlework, even after hundreds of years. One carpet, laid out, is over a thousand years old! It leaves you gasping... There were some items I could easily have sneaked out...except they're very securely behind glass... And if the textiles left me gasping, so did the ingenuity of some locks...secure locks, with little counting dials telling the owner if they'd been opened without his knowledge...now those sound useful, to me!

My visit was completed with a terrific meal in a Mexican restaurant...relaxed and fun...simple but good...and (I am told)...daiquiris to die for!

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