Wednesday, 25 March 2009

I read...

...with interest the dissection of my team by other supporters. The, who they think (and want) to stay and those who are out of contract and they' is too strong, but would think will be let go....or not stood in the way of.

Going into League One does mean we have to cut our cloth, and that means the playing well as the back room, and (general) staff will be cut... We did it when we came down from the Premiership.

Stewarding....if areas are closed because of less regular support, then even supervisory staff will not be needed, plus the stewards themselves...even temporarily employed ones. Any local derbies can be looked at on an individual basis.
Office's another section that will be looked at.
Management and coaching...we might sustain them for a year...but with finances available in this league and a reduction in price, plus purchase of season tickets...I can't see it being left alone for long.
Playing staff...we have to be left with a core of a team willing to work, fight and scrap, to get us back in the season. If we don't then I think we'll be there for awhile. It would be nice to think that some feel they owe us something...(like Zhi did when we first got relegated). I can see though that some players will be chased by other Championship teams, plus those being promoted into the league, some might prefer to go home, rather than (even if somehow self inflicted) the ignominy of not featuring at all. Plus, even if they don't feel they owe it to us...the fans, they owe it to the people who work for the club...those other staff...their colleagues who have no influence on how they play...that go to work daily, just so we can all enjoy our Saturdays.

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