Wednesday, 11 March 2009


...horror! We deserved to win! Or that's what the commentary from last nights game said...and yes, the commentator was a 1000 times better than the previous fare. Please can we keep him?!

Reading hit the post and the crossbar, but in the opening period not the net. We did...again through Bailey for his eleventh goal of the season...and at half-time we were on that 1-0 again. The referee then had one of those moments fifteen seconds into the second half, when he saw what nobody else could...a foul inside the box, and awarded a penalty. No need to ask twice and the scoreline was 1-1. A matter of a few seconds later and that same referee had lost his sight, when we weren't awarded a penalty...and it was one, no doubts...the commentator said "he'd bottled it"...I think he just got something in his eye at that the home support! So, again level...and then down to a second. A feeling of de ja vu...but again we scored, and the away fans danced the conger in the stands in joyful glee. (We need these little moments).

The final score being Reading 2 - 2 Charlton for a point...unfortunately Norwich pulled off a win against Cardiff...and how many times are the top teams going to lose to our competitors in the relegation fight?! I watched Look East last night, and the Norwich fans were as despondent as us. I bet they're feeling a whole lot brighter this morning! Now there's ten points between us and the next team...Southampton, and we play Wolves this Saturday!

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