Wednesday, 4 March 2009

A soggy...

...outing last night! Did I get drowned...yes, and to cap it, we lost! Most think that was the final nail. It wasn't a good performance, and being now nine points adrift from even the team directly above us, is a few points too far. I think we all agree it's League One (old third division) next season. We've been there before and dug ourselves out, so we know it can be done with hardwork and some graft on the part of players and management. I promise to do my still go and to still shout. Not that I felt much like shouting last night, just too cold and wet, but I did when needed. You just knew the writing was on the wall, when the referee of the evening...smiled as he was being booed at. Rob Styles likes to perform on stage...where a good ref should be mostly anonymous, he never is. But apart from that we assisted in our own downfall, by not taking the chances we were presented with.

Today started in a dismal mood...last night...waiting for these viewers to come to a decision, and other things. I decided a visit to a craft day I used to go to, was the order of the day. A group of friends hire a hall together and make whatever their particular craft or hobby is for the day, taking it in turns to make the lunch. Dragging all my beads and paraphanelia with me, I sat and made a couple of necklaces and a bracelet...when someone asked for a pair of earrings...others gathered and I've instructions to take my jewellery next visit. Lunch was terrific too... Just as we were tidying to leave, my phone rang...the estate agents! Reception being poor we stood shouting at one another, until it clicked off completely. The ladies bundled me out the hall...shouting good luck after home I rang...and another set of viewers who came months ago want to come back too...whoo! So they're coming this Saturday...I would've fallen off my chair if I'd been sitting down, as I thought it would be about my perennual viewers again. They're still out there.

Anyway, that's where we are, and a happier evening than early morning. At least I have a smile on my face again.

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