Saturday, 14 March 2009

Our viewer...

...arrived twenty minutes early and was gone before he was due. He came, he looked, he asked questions and had another appointment, so was was like having a whirlwind visit... You also get paranoid about cars slowing as they pass your house, especially if they turn around and come across for a second look...and are holding a sheet or two of paper. It's a will they? Do they? Are they?

But, the viewer being so early did mean I could turn this on and put on the commentary for my team, and we were doing well...holding our own considering we're playing Wolves and they're top of the league to our bottom space....*and we've just scored!*...I was about to say they scored through our ex player Iwelumo and went into the lead at half-time. Now, it's 1-1...through Zheng Zhi, a player we've been missing nearly all season through injury.

We went to Molineux last season, were able to park the car next to the stadium...but, if anyone ever goes again and it's sunny...take your glasses and a baseball cap. The away fans are positioned in the worst place for the sun direction.

Back to the game...

Having saved a penalty...we lose 2-1...I think that's a better scoreline than some supporters were giving us credit for!

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