Sunday, 8 March 2009

So after...

...this morning, I've taken some photos of one of my favourite flowers....tulips. But I really am a floweraholic...give me a flower and I see beauty somewhere.

Above and below - through the sitting room window to the garden

Above - on the kitchen table
Below - the same but with the sun shining


Anonymous said...

Suze, i'm a gardener too. We moved to this home about two years ago. Last Autumn i cleared one of the most overgrown flower beds in the garden. You should have seen the carpet of snowdrops that were revealed this winter, magnificent.

Suze said...

Andy, it's exciting to see what's there when you move, always worthwhile to leave it a year, and to uncover gems. I'm glad your hard work bore fruit.

I'm still hoping to have a different garden by next summer would be good though!