Tuesday, 17 March 2009


...goodness. In my last post I mentioned a stall at the Country Living Craft Fair selling meringues. Head in the Clouds it seems, has deservedly won an award for being the best new product. Everyone was talking and asking about them, anyone who had one of their bags was being asked by stall-holders and visitors alike were they that dreamy, and they definitely are! We had some of their sample two-somes, one small meringue complemented with a macaroon sandwich of the same flavour. I've tried the rose, mint, orange, clove, and cardamom...so far...only another twenty one flavours to go! I'm trying to resist the pistachio and lime one, until at least after lunch!

And I've just had a surprise...clicking on the site of one of the other leaflets Chase Distillery (you'll be asked your birth date). I was assailed by the music of Holst...with muted views of life on the farm. Now, Holst is a favourite...it stems from my school days when I was about ten and eleven, and I had the most amazing teacher...a Miss Griffiths. She was young, strict, pretty, was also our music teacher...and she drove the most beautiful Mercedes! On certain Saturdays of the year, she would volunteer to take us to London music rehearsals...she was going anyway...she sang in the choir of the Royal College of Music. One time she took us to the Royal Festival Hall, to a rehearsal of that nights performance, and playing was Holst's "The Planet Suite"...the conductor was Sir Malcolm Sargent. There the four of us sat, heads peering over the seat backs watching the orchestra being put through it's paces...quite mesmerized. He unfortunately died soon after of cancer, and the charity was set up in his name. Strangely, we now live not too far from a village where Holst lived...Thaxted, Essex. But the love of that music has always stayed with me...(so has the love of that car!)

I also found there is a website for the linen coats and jackets. Winnie Magee

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