Sunday, 22 March 2009

A special...

wish for all mothers this Mothering Sunday...

Mothers are all slightly insane
J D Salinger

A busy few days have just been had. Yesterday we went to the match. My team played Preston North End...and if they're hoping to be promoted this season...I wouldn't! It won't last long on that performance. We were no better, and a stalemate of 0-0 was the result...others have given a much fairer and true account of the match... Blackheath Addicted

Some players are out of contract at the end of the season, and I hope those who have lost confidence here will find their qualities again somewhere else. No one deserves the abuse hurled at them sometimes, paying public or not!

I'd like to think the young men sitting behind me yesterday knew the game...poor things, we weren't playing a 3-5-2 formation after Butterfield was withdrawn...Bailey slotted back, Shelvey moved across and Dickson joined Kandol. And I thought males had the superior knowledge about the game!

That aside...we are hoping to agree our sale and purchase this week. We now have two buyers for our house, but the lady who owns the house we'd like to buy...wanted to go to view the house she likes again this nerves are just about coping, but if you start to see cracks, please don't shout too loudly!

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