Tuesday, 24 March 2009

It's strange...

...how life turns somersaults on you.

Friday things with the house looked positive, with only the lady whose house we like, wanting to view the one she likes again (which she did). Now? One of our offerers has lost his job...as we knew him a few years ago, and this was to be he and his wife's first house...I feel for them, he's a nice young man and didn't deserve that. But, then who does and it's happening to far too many. That was my morning phone call...then, the agent in Norfolk phoned...it seems another long ago viewer phoned on Saturday and told them they're still interested, no offer, no nothing...but...the thought of more money talks... All we had to do if we got a yes, was pick the phone up to the solicitor...we were that close. And thinking over my conversation...for them it'd be a holiday home.

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