Monday, 16 March 2009

My chair... now sitting in the sunshine of the garden. It's not going to stay there, and it'll be inside tonight.

It needs cleaning off as it's been varnished with coloured varnish at sometime, and needs re-upholstering, so tomorrow I'm off to the DIY store to get the bits needed. I should've gone today, but I'm in the middle of negotiations...(even if this doesn't work, please let this be the last time we try to sell and buy a house).

Yesterday was fun, and I have a lot of little cards to check through. It's amazing how many of those you pick up and are given in the course of a fair. We did come home with little meringues, the company make twenty six different flavoured ones. A bumper crop of Higgledy Pies...last day, last hour goodies...the normal freebies from the sponsors, and my sister bought me a Noddy badge...because when I was little he was my favourite children's programme, and these were handmade.

We found some beautiful linen coats and jackets from Northern Ireland...unfortunately they don't have a website, so I can't show you...but, they're waterproofed, and if the young lady's was anything to go by, didn't have the creasing issue that linen can have. I fell for the raspberry pink ones. So, I can dream!

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