Wednesday, 28 January 2009

And then...

Lunch was good, and company the saying goes. Unfortunately not all could make it, as someone they knew had died recently and the funeral was today.

I did have a little shopping spree after lunch, and got the house some treats. On a visit to Mum's on Sunday, I raided her cupboard and brought home the two button jars, which I'll spread all over the floor soon. I want to make myself some wire and button hearts, along with a willow heart and rose buds, which smell so sweet, from our own New England store, The Blueberry Store in town. Next door is Lottie Mutton...a shop to die in...(unfortunately no website)...and they had a sale of some of their I picked up a few samples. A person can't just ignore them, now can she! All topped off with a little bolster cushion, again a sale bargain, and some charity shop audio books for working to.

I also saw a second-hand rocking chair...ummmm...

My day complete...and the strict instructions...I must work tomorrow!!!

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