Thursday, 8 January 2009

The Annual...

...Accounts, and they don't make pretty reading (but then neither did most of the "pinks" this morning), but I'm not as expert as others, so will leave it at that.

Dean Sinclair has been loaned out to Grimsby for a month...and it is being reported that McLeish (Birmingham City) is showing interest in Hameur Bouazza. Do I see signs of a Smertin repeat?

We're supposed to be playing Notts Forest on Saturday. It would always be a difficult game, with it being touted as the proverbial six-pointer, with them just outside the relegation zone and us glued to the base, but with a win against Man City last weekend, and the incentive of showing a new manager what they really can do as players...I wouldn't hold much for our chances. Guess what? It might be off! There is an inspection tomorrow (Friday) morning, as dropping temperatures have threatened the ground. If it is...will that be a let off, or just delaying the inevitable?

On a happier note, I got my car serviced free today, and it was at the dealers! I bought the new tiles for the kitchen...and picked up the paint tester pots.

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