Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Yesterday... blog title was most apt.

A quick nip to a local, large out of town shopping centre, to look for a new dishwasher (my present one has got fed up of wet hands!) Then off down the motorway to visit my oldest friend...(we met at school). A wow greeted her, as it's the first time I've seen her since she has slimmed, and looks so good. I now have found an incentive to lose...but, that aside, we had a great day. I met her grand-daughter...a beautiful little girl of nine months, with dark hair and dark brown almond eyes, she's going to break hearts in a few years. Her husband and I have the same affliction...we support the same team, so after dinner we disappeared our separate ways to arrive at the same place. (I did persuade her to come to me next time...I promised to help with the lanes). Just mustn't leave it so long...

An evening match...and another wow! We won!! A local derby...very vocal supporters, a little angst between them, and a referee who should take lessons, put these in a pot and stir. A lively match ensued. I won't pick holes in things said after the game...though I doubt if what was said won't be meant today, any less then they were yesterday, but, that's the mark of that particular man. You wouldn't lose a bet against what's's habitual.

We have lost another defender, and for the rest of the season, that's a blow as Jon Fortune hasn't been back that long from injury, and makes a strong partnership with Mark Hudson. Maybe that'll be a transfer in that's being looked at this week. New signing Matthew Spring scored the winning goal, and the difference his energy gave us in midfield, along with an on form Nick Bailey could be seen by all. With those two playing well last night, it might be difficult for ZZ to get back in. It seems our on loan right back has been knocked on the same shin in the last three games, so whether Graeme Murty will be fit for Saturday's game against Burnley at Turf Moor, we can only wait to see...or maybe Mooty will get a game. I've heard say that Murty likes the club, and is happy here...we wonder if that could be made permanent, though his heart is in one place, we might make him an offer he'll like? I think to do that though, we'd have to stay in the Championship, as his home club look as though they're heading up out of it.

At least last nights win makes my lunch today more palatable, having sympathetic looks from three ManU (one my ex boss) and one West Ham supporter isn't good for the digestion.

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